Smarter Services Webcast:
Service Business Trends in 2016

Featuring a live discussion with Cisco Systems

On January 21 2016, The Service Council hosted its Smarter Services Webcast for January 2016. The session featured a discussion with Cisco Systems about business trends impacting service business performance in 2016. 

The webcast included:

1- Data from TSC's 2016 research survey on service business trends.
2- A live Q&A with members of Cisco Systems's Technical Services team regarding key challenges, investments, and initiatives foreseen for 2016.

Speakers for Cisco Systems:

  1. Andrew Krainin, Senior Director, Strategy and Operations, Technical Services
  2. Bob McKee, Director of Product Marketing, Technical Services

Topics Discussed:

  • Competitive and economic environment impact on services
  • Challenges impacting the Cisco Technical Services team
  • Initiatives and Investments planned in 2016
  • Changing customer expectations regarding service and support