Field Service 2016: The Technician's Perspective

There are significant transformations taking place in field service. Technology is changing the way work is created, distributed, and completed. Labor markets and demographic shifts are driving organizations to rethink the composition and make up of their front-line workforces. And changing customer profiles and needs are driving organizations to retool the services that are delivered in the field.


In 2016, TSC reached out directly to field technicians to get a true feel of the impact of these pressures on the front lines of field service. The intent of this project was to truly understand the day-to-day pressures felt by front-line field service agents and the steps that organizations can take to make these agents more effective in their work.

Topics covered in the research:
  • Getting into the profession of field service
  • Level of satisfaction with major elements of work
  • Major likes and dislikes with day-to-day work
  • Thoughts on available and future technology
  • Recommendations to the next generation of field service workers