Select a Research Panel

1. Panels

Our 9 research panels are created to match critical service personnel in your organization.  More on the details of each group can be found here. (View)

  • Service Leadership and Strategy
  • Field Service
  • Customer Support and Experience Management
  • Service Parts and Supply Chain Management
  • Service Sales and Marketing
  • Talent and Workforce Management
  • Service Safety
  • Service Data
  • Service Technology

2. Instructions

1. To get involved in our research you must select alignment with a research panel. Your selection of a group indicates that you will be the person representing your company in research projects (surveys, interviews) tied to the group. Please select a group based on your expertise and role. If interested in content from other panels, please do check our content and events page.  (View)

2. Based on your selection, you will be asked to participate in no more than 3-4 projects (surveys, interviews) per panel per year. These projects include:

  • TSC's Annual Benchmark (once every three years)
  • Initiative-Centric Projects

3.  Participation yields complimentary access to summary content and analysis published from the research project.