Smarter Services Webcast:
The Feasibility of Augmented Reality

The Service Council's monthly webcast for March 2017 covered the popular topic of Augmented Reality.

On the session, research leads Sumair Dutta and Aly Pinder shared their thoughts on the potential impact of the technology in service workforce management. TSC's research team also shared data from the 2017 Augmented Reality in Service research project covering:

  • The Opportunity for Service Business  Improvement with the Aid of Augmented Reality
  • Feedback on the Use of the Technology in Live Service Situations
  • Investment Plans in the Technology

The webinar also featured a live one-on-one with Steve Scott, Senior Vice President of Facilities Solutions at Lee Company, discussing the learnings from one of the largest roll outs of wearable devices in an enterprise setting.

Interview Questions Included:
  • Is Augmented Reality/Merged Reality Ready for Live Service Situations?
  • How is the Technology Being Used Today?
  • What Returns Has the Company Experienced from the Use of the Technology?